New position available

We are seeking a PhD student for a new project about field-level soil-plant-atmosphere monitoring in rainfed cropping systems.

Start date: Spring 2020
Our goal is to advance the science of multi-scale soil moisture monitoring and to find innovative applications of soil moisture information in agriculture and hydrology.


Our research group hosted the 2019 National Soil Moisture Workshop, which included a graduate student poster competition. More than 100 people from 35 state and national agencies attended the workshop. Learn more about. Link

Soil moisture at the Konza Prairie

Installing a cosmic-ray neutron detector for soil moisture monitoring at the Konza Prairie. Picture was taken while Pedro Rossini (visiting scholar) and Nathaniel Parker (Phd student) were mounting an air and relative humidity sensor.

Turf responses to drought

A new study supported by the US Golf Association aims at studying how turf canopies respond to soil moisture deficits and how we can use soil moisture information to assist with irrigation decisions.

Visit from Australian soil scientist

Dr. Keith Bristow (CSIRO, Townsville, Australia) visited our lab and interacted with graduate and undergraduate students about their research project. Dr. Bristow was the 2018 Ellis Lecturer in the Department of Agronomy.

Kansas Mesonet soil physical properties database

Nathaniel Parker sampling the Kansas Mesonet station near Clay Center, KS. The project involves the characterization of the soil physical properties of each station.


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Andres Patrignani

Assistant Professor

Nathaniel Parker

PhD Student

Pedro Rossini

MS Student

Wes Dyer

PhD Student


Name Department Position Period
Michael SaverinoChemical engineeringResearch assistantFA19
Matt StoneAg engineeringResearch assistantFA18 to SU19
Caullen SasnettComputer ScienceResearch assistantSP19 to SU18
Samuel LongBiologyResearch assistantFA16 to FA17 and SP18
Vibhavi JayasingheComputer ScienceResearch assistantSP17 to FA17
Daphne LofingAgronomyResearch assistantSP18 to SU18
Mohammad BishehIndustrial engineeringResearch assistantSU18 and SU19
Narmadha MohankumarStatisticsResearch AssistantSU17
Mariano JakasAgronomyVisiting scholarSU19 and FA19